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Welcome to the elegant world of etiquette...the world of respect.

My name is Cygi Grammer, and I am a certified etiquette consultant.  My specialties are corporate etiquette, international etiquette, and dining etiquette--both American and Continental.

The business world is the largest social environment that we regularly encounter today.  From social meetings to business meetings, in the dining room or the boardroom, a little knowledge of etiquette will enhance both your personal and professional lives.  Many business contacts and dollars are lost by a lack of etiquette--the skills of consideration, courtesy, and respect toward existing and potential clients.  The information that you are about to review is not only my business, but also my passion.  I encourage your consideration of etiquette as a vital tool in enhancing a business relationship.

Etiquette can be easily learned.  And when it is shared, etiquette enables us to make others feel comfortable, comforting ourselves in return.  Through etiquette we achieve that most coveted result--respect.

Thank you for taking this interest in etiquette.

Cygi Grammer

Etiquette Consultant