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International Etiquette


"Most people believe they see the world as it is.  However, we really see the world as we are."


The Etiquette Program

A knowledge of international protocol is indispensable in todayís global arena. To succeed, executives must be aware of international differences in culture, style, and expression. They must respect customs when receiving an international guest and while visiting a host country. They must recognize the nuance in a cultural exchange to be rewarded with mutually beneficial business relationships. How to Succeed in the International Arena can be your guide with non-technical strategies and tactics for competing in this complex atmosphere that demands social flexibility and alertness.

The Program Includes

Pre-meeting Strategy

Rank and Status

Forms of Address

Business Card Savvy

Business Introductions

Eye Contact


Communication Styles

Working a Room

Impressing Clients and Counterparts by Knowing Their Culture

Gestures That Are Offensive in Certain Cultures

High and Low-Context Cultures and Time (Monochronic/Polychronic)

Effective Gift Giving

Rehearsal Techniques

Presenting an International Image

Strategic Doís and Doníts

This dynamic seminar includes role-playing exercises and a workbook for each participant to keep as a reference guide.

In 1991, Peter Drucker said in Business Week , "Be ready or be lost; if you donít think globally you deserve to be unemployed and you will be." How to Succeed in the International Arena will guide you to be a world-class competitor no matter where you conduct business.


* Good Manners go hand-in-hand with leadership. *