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Business Dining Skills


"Be at ease as a guest, a host, or a hostess."

The Dining Skills Program

Savvy dining skills can play a major role in the careers of both prospective and promotion-conscious employees. For instance, the top management of many Fortune 500 companies take their potential employees to lunch or dinner to observe their comfort level with executives, spouses, waitrons, and yes, even myriad pieces of silverware. Management also keeps watch at business luncheons, dinner meetings, and office parties. All are considered prime occasions to observe dining skills and social etiquette of prospective employees. It is imperative that individuals prepare themselves to take advantage of future placement potential during these scenarios.

To climb the corporate ladder, it is up to you to seize every opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition in today’s global economy. Today, technical knowledge is not enough. Contracts are negotiated during meals and in social settings. Knowing the appropriate etiquette for each occasion and applying it will not only give you that distinction, but will also give you a greater feeling of self-confidence. Dining Skills for Today is designed to help prepare you for situations where business relationships are developed and strengthened in social settings.

The Program Includes

Business Entertaining

Host/Hostess and Guest Duties

Place-setting Maps

Silverware Savvy

The Silent Service Code

Body Language at the Table

Handling Accidents

Difficult-to-Eat Foods

Forms of Service

American and Continental Styles of Eating


This seminar includes role-playing exercises, slides, and a workbook for each participant to keep as a reference guide. An on-site tutorial luncheon or dinner will be served.

*Good Manners and savvy dining skills affects the bottom line of all companies.*