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Business Etiquette for Today


"Present yourself with confidence and authority."

The Etiquette Program

Today in the fiercely competitive business arena, etiquette is simply another tool you need. While etiquette alone is not a guarantee of success, it can give you that extra edge that will make the qualitative difference between yourself and others.

Business Etiquette for Today can empower you to present yourself with confidence and authority.

The Program Includes

Communication Skills (The Ultimate Business Tool)

How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room

Handshaking—The Ultimate Greeting

Introducing Yourself and Others

Forms of Address

Eye Contact

Rising to the Occasion

Remembering Names

Conversation Skills

Nonverbal Communications

Business Arena Communications (Telephone Savvy)

Total Quality in the Business Arena (Corporate Culture Savvy)

as well as many other timely tips to help you "outclass" the competition, including informative role-playing exercises, slides, and a workbook for each participant to keep as a reference guide.

Good manners are now considered one of the most important qualifications for any professional. Companies look for those men and women who know what to say and how to perform their jobs effectively regardless of the circumstance in which they find themselves. This dynamic seminar promotes the way business etiquette can be applied in order to improve and empower one’s personal and professional life.